Driven element box for 2m portable Yagi antenna

po Polsku

This is my 3D printed driven element box for yagi antenna. It was build for light portable antenna suitable for SOTA operation. I believe idea of using brass anchors as contacts is original.

I'm using:
- 8 mm outer diameter brass pipes as driven element
- M6 brass anchor (some types need little manual work)
- M6 nylon threaded rod (35mm in length)
- cable gland (15mm outer diameter, 8mm inner diameter) in Poland PG9 type
- N type connector (this on picture is non-standard, but STL files are for standard 4-hole type N or PL259 connector)
- square 12mm boom
-self screwing bolts

Finished antenna (with umbrella for size comparison).
(4 element DK7ZB 50-ohm ultralight yagi)

Brass anchors must be "presoldered" outside box - before mounting on plastic rod.
Solder wires to solder "blob".
Cable gland nut need to be cut a little with a knife.
Hole in plastic for nylon rod must be threaded.

Whole thing can be made without 3d printer, and so was prototype made, but its is not an easy task.

File antenna_box_lids.stl102.82 KB
File antenna_box_std.stl905.06 KB

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