Dell PowerEdge R210 II really poor graphics performance

I'm using some low-end Dell servers as workstations. I've replaced 5 year old Dell 750 with Dell R210 II...
They run some basic (7 year old!) application build with QT3 embedded - runs directly on Linux framebuffer. Pentium3 800 with PCI Matrox card do this fine years ago...

Now should not be any problems...In Dell specification this server has Matrox G200eW adapter...MATROX! WOW! It should work perfect like all Matroxes do work great.

But it is not.

Performance with linux framebuffer is so low that it slows down system loading...unbelivable!...
I'm not joking, others have same problem too...

What Dell mounted onboard is not anything like Matrox but
Nuvoton WPCM 450

The WPCM450 is a combined Baseboard Management Controller (BMC), 2-D and VGA-compatible Graphics Core with PCI interface, Virtual Media and Keyboard, and a Video and Mouse Redirection (KVMR) module. It supports a variety of chipsets and integrates blade-oriented SuperI/O functionality sufficient for a legacy-reduced server.

It's not Matrox. There is no way to load matroxfb_base driver, even after adding PCI ids to's not Matrox - it's Nuvoton..

VGA compatible controller: Matrox Graphics, Inc. MGA G200eW WPCM450
102b:0532 (rev 0a) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])
Subsystem: 1028:04dd

I've tried also with uvesafb - userspace framebuffer..but after changing video mode Linux kernel hangs silently.

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