AxisNT PA rev eng

It started as Staszek's SP6GWB question "is there anyone who can program AD5308?"
How hard can it be? :)
And soon after on my desk there was AD5308 with some external circuitry, in fact complete WiMax Base Station for 2.3-2.4 Ghz band.

Staszek has years of experience in adaptation of microwave power amplifiers to amateur radio service, but this was device from new era, where control circuitry in purely digital. Of course he could just throw it away and use simple analog circuits in its place, but the "problem" was there few dozens of this devices to convert, so it was better to use original circuitry.

This is the part of circuit that was our concern

He gave me week of his work - hand drawn schematics of control circuitry, and it took me next two evenings discovering where to start.

First I was trying simple program just to start this one amplifier on my desk, but after each meeting with Staszek I realized problem that he would have without convenient tool to program all these amplifiers. So I've made in C# visual interface to program arduino boards that I've used to control those PAs.